Coaching and guidance

Start your own tarot business and work from home and on your own terms ! Everything you need to know about this business

You want to start your own tarot business ? Work from home and on your own terms or you simply want to have a second income ? Maybe you have already started but you are not getting results you wanted ?

This service will provide you with answers on you most important questions and everything you need to know about this business.

I have been working as a full time tarot reader both in Europe and internationally for over 18 years and I will give you straight and honest information about this business and everything you will encounter being a tarot reader – from making decisions about your prices and offer, possibilities for growing your business to the strange requests from clients and how to handle negative reviews.

I will tell you how I started my business and got my first clients ( off Etsy ) and share with you this very important key step that is crucial for your business.

It is my source of new clients and income to this day and it will be very important and valuable for you business, too. Not many tarot readers make use of that option. And it is free !

I will inform you about the type of clients you can expect, how to spot a difficult and tricky client from the start and types of problems that can occur in this business.

You will also receive information how you can help and make a positive change in the life of your clients and  about problems you may encounter as a beginner.

You will learn how to protect and preserve your own energy while working with clients.

You will definitely not find this type of information anywhere else !

You always wanted to ask a professional tarot reader questions about the tarot business ? Now you have a chance !

Tell me what is bothering you the most and what is your biggest concern and worry in starting with your business and I will tell you is you worry grounded or is it just a fear that is stopping you from advancing.

There are no stupid questions because every questions is a good chance for growth and learning.

Please note that this consultation will not give you instructions how to open a company or advice on other legal or tax issues.

Also, this is not a coaching about how to read tarot cards, this is a coaching about the business side of the tarot.
This is also not a tarot reading and I will not open the cards in this coaching session.

With this service and my advice you will have the benefit of not making beginner mistakes that can harm your business. With my advice you can avoid a lot of problems that others will encounter because they did not have the right advice of someone who has been in the business for 18 years.

This way you will have the best possible start and a chance to grow your business.

This consultation session gives you a chance to ask 5 specific questions and additional 2 follow up questions. The follow up questions are there for additional clarifications.
You can ask follow up questions in the period of next 2 days after you received the document with PDF answers.

The answers to your 5 questions + my additional special information that you will receive will be arriving on your email address in the next 48 hours after you have sent me your questions.

You can ask your questions thru the CONTACT ME  form  or simply mail me at  [email protected]

When you contact me please provide the email address on which you want to receive your answers. You will receive answers on your email address as a PDF document.

Remember, there are no coincidences in life and it is no coincidence you visited my shop !

If you want to start the tarot business and earn money you have to know certain things about it and I am here to tell you everything you need to know !

The price of this service is 47 $ and you can purchase it thru Paypal


You can also order this service in my ETSY SHOP

These are some of my clients experiences from my Etsy shop :

“She was right once again. Very fast response. Thank you! “

“Right on target.””She is amazing. I don’t know how she does it. Her accuracy rate on things that can be measured is 100 percent for me. Other readings that are more for guidance are always on target. HIGHLY recommend.”

“Repeat customer. VERY VERY impressed.”
“So fantastic and a lovely lady to speak with. Really enjoyed her reading and advice.”

“I cannot stress enough the amount of information Lena gives you. I was a pain asking multiple questions after the fact and Lena did not get upset and calmly explained everything to me. Lena didn’t have the best news to report and she has been dead on with her reading. I’m sure it is not easy reporting anything bad but she has a way about her and does it in the most caring way. “

“Lena is professional, authentic, and a very helpful woman. Without a doubt my talisman is helping me. I will not go to anyone else for help. Before I went to Lena I came across someone else who could not get a reading on me? A lesson learned. Thank you very much. Stephanie”

“Lena was so responsive and went above and beyond to help. Not only did she give me an answer she explained what was going on and steps to take to help myself. I wanted to say thank you very much for your help. I will only go to her for help from now on.”

“I am a repeat customer and must say that I find Lena’s readings the most accurate! Very quick and always happy to clarify thank you so much I am sure I will be back for more:)”

“Perfect size to fit in your pocket! Stays with me always. She is the real deal, always has the answers I need! She is a blessing! Thank you so very much!”

“Another great reading! Very nice and thorough with answering questions.”

“I have wanted this one week of dreams analyzed for over a year and wow was she spot on. I had my own thoughts on it but to have someone with no real background on it tell me what it meant was eye opening. Highly recommend this one as well!!”

“First class reading ,iam a returning customer and will continue to be one Lena is spot on and genuine thank you again one very grateful customer”

“She was spot on! It was a real eye opener! Thanks again.”

“Thanks again, Lena! You are always such a comfort and help.””Always helpful and quick! guidance and insight. Thank you!”

“Great reading. Really detailed. The service is brilliant. Lena is lovely to work with :)”

“Very fast and very kind and caring. Lovely person. Readings resonated. THANKS”

“Very quickly done with much care and kindness. Thank you.””Fast, accurate and great price. Thank you.”

“Thank you, this reading was hugely helpful! “

“Thank you, i am a repeat customer, your guidance/intuition is appreciated!””Thank you, i enjoyed my reading “
“Reading was detailed and provided guidance, thank you!”