About me

About my journey and my work as a tarot reader


My name is Lena and I am a Tarot reader and a psychic from Croatia, Europe.

I entered the world of tarot and energy healing  20.  years ago after I realised everything around us is basically energy and how much we can do to make our lives better by using techniques, skills and tools like tarot, gemstones and crystals, meditation and energy healing.

All thru my life, people always used to come to me for advice and I was always a person of trust for a lot of people when they wanted to share a problem or find a solution . That  is when I realised that a lot of problems and blocks in our lives are caused simply by energy imbalances and that getting the right information about our current state can help us make significant changes for  the better in our lives.

When I gained enough knowledge and felt that I could help people I started my own business, first in Europe and then worldwide thru my Etsy shop


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In my Etsy shop I gained a lot of new clients  but after a while it was time for progress. Everything in life has a chance  to change, improve and move  forward so I made a next step in my journey and  I am welcoming you in this Tarot and energy center where I provide tarot readings, spell readings, twinflame soulmate readings, personal coaching, talismans, energy and spiritual jewelry and everything that can help you  fix problems in your life, make you   grow and improve your life  or simply empower you on your way of personal development.

These are some of my clients experiences from my Etsy shop :

“She was right once again. Very fast response. Thank you! ”

“Right on target.”

“She is amazing. I don’t know how she does it. Her accuracy rate on things that can be measured is 100 percent for me. Other readings that are more for guidance are always on target. HIGHLY recommend.”

“Repeat customer. VERY VERY impressed.”

“So fantastic and a lovely lady to speak with. Really enjoyed her reading and advice.”

“I cannot stress enough the amount of information Lena gives you. I was a pain asking multiple questions after the fact and Lena did not get upset and calmly explained everything to me. Lena didn’t have the best news to report and she has been dead on with her reading. I’m sure it is not easy reporting anything bad but she has a way about her and does it in the most caring way. ”

“Lena is professional, authentic, and a very helpful woman. Without a doubt my talisman is helping me. I will not go to anyone else for help. Before I went to Lena I came across someone else who could not get a reading on me? A lesson learned. Thank you very much. Stephanie”

“Lena was so responsive and went above and beyond to help. Not only did she give me an answer she explained what was going on and steps to take to help myself. I wanted to say thank you very much for your help. I will only go to her for help from now on.”

“I am a repeat customer and must say that I find Lena’s readings the most accurate! Very quick and always happy to clarify thank you so much I am sure I will be back for more:)”

“Perfect size to fit in your pocket! Stays with me always. She is the real deal, always has the answers I need! She is a blessing! Thank you so very much!”

“Another great reading! Very nice and thorough with answering questions.”

“I have wanted this one week of dreams analyzed for over a year and wow was she spot on. I had my own thoughts on it but to have someone with no real background on it tell me what it meant was eye opening. Highly recommend this one as well!!”

“First class reading ,iam a returning customer and will continue to be one Lena is spot on and genuine thank you again one very grateful customer”

“She was spot on! It was a real eye opener! Thanks again.”

“Thanks again, Lena! You are always such a comfort and help.”

“Always helpful and quick! guidance and insight. Thank you!”

“Great reading. Really detailed. The service is brilliant. Lena is lovely to work with :)”

“Very fast and very kind and caring. Lovely person. Readings resonated. THANKS”

“Very quickly done with much care and kindness. Thank you.”

“Fast, accurate and great price. Thank you.”

“Thank you, this reading was hugely helpful! ”

“Thank you, i am a repeat customer, your guidance/intuition is appreciated!”

“Thank you, i enjoyed my reading ”

“Reading was detailed and provided guidance, thank you!”


So, if you are ready for a change for the better in your life, contact me and I will do my best to help you.



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